Primary election on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 in Oregon.

Olivia Dregne cleans the voting booths after each voter during the Tuesday, April 7 election.

A little more than 55% of Oregonians voted in the April 7 election – the overwhelming majority by absentee ballot.

Of the area’s 15,000 voters, 8,407 of them participated in the election in the Village of Oregon and Brooklyn, and in the three towns that surround Oregon to the south, north and east. Of those votes, 6,625, or 78%, were done as absentee.

In the Village of Oregon 2,997 voters opted to vote absentee – or 84.5% – either by mailing in their ballots or by filling them out in person before election day at the Village Hall. The village, while it had the largest number of voters, had the lowest turnout percentage of the greater Oregon area, with 53.4% of voters casting ballots.

Town of Oregon had the largest portion of its residents participate in the election, with 1,364 votes – or 60% of its 2,238 registered voters. The town also had almost 80% of those ballots come through as absentee.

Town of Dunn had a slightly larger percentage of absentee ballots, with 81% being done via mail or in-person prior to election day. Dunn also had one the higher rates of voter participation, with 2,079 of its 3,579 registered voters casting a ballot.

Town of Rutland saw 54.3% overall, with 744 votes cast. Close to three-quarters of those were done as absentee.

Village of Brooklyn saw the smallest percentage of absentee voters. Around 62% of voters opted to vote absentee, or 282 votes. The remaining 173 voters who voted in-person did so at the State Bank of Cross Plains, where poll workers operated a drive-thru system that kept people in their vehicles.

The two local contested races in the Oregon area were for the Dane County Board of Supervisors between incumbent Jerry Bollig and opponent Todd Kluever, and a three-way race for two seats for the Town of Oregon board.

Bollig defeated Kluever 3,679-1,561, while incumbents Phil Van Kampen and Arlen Christensen edged out newcomer Jason Marshall.

Oregonians overwhelmingly supported Dane County Circuit Court judge Jill Karofsky for the 10-year state Supreme Court seat over incumbent Daniel Kelly, 6,035-2,169. They also supported former Vice President Joe Biden over opposing candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, by a margin of 4,304-1,872.

Reporters Emilie Heidemann and Scott De Laruelle contributed to this story.