I have never washed my hands as much as I have in the past few days, staying in the house and grateful for technology that allows me to stay in touch with children and grandchildren. Still, I am alarmed by what the future may hold unless we find a way to restore the values and reclaim the democracy that once inspired the world.

Elections that are scheduled for April 7 to elect local officials, a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and perhaps the next President of the United States are now imperiled by a pandemic that threatens to bring down our economy, our democracy and the very healthcare system that we depend on to keep us healthy and alive. The good news is that the power to preserve and restore our democracy doesn’t reside in Madison or Washington but in the people when we the people vote.

An important choice will face us in the election, on April 7th. Daniel Kelly, who was appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme court by former Governor Scott Walker, has made no secret of his support for Gerrymandered districts designed to keep control of the legislature in the hands of a highly partisan minority.

Kelly is opposed by Jill Karofsky, a highly respected and experienced attorney who could restore balance and provide a voice for ordinary families on Wisconsin’s highest court. In light of the pandemic where minimizing social contacts is encouraged, voters have the option of requesting an absentee ballot on the myvote.wi.gov website until March 30, and can cast their vote without putting themselves, poll workers or neighbors at risk.

Please vote like our future depends on it, because it does.

Charles Uphoff


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