In 2018, Trump declined to visit a military cemetery in France with world leaders because “he feared his hair would fall out” in the rain. He said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s full of losers.” He denies this, but anyone can go to YouTube and hear him say worse about John McCain.

As a boy, I asked my dad about WWII. He unrolled the photo of his battalion. He talked about chasing Rommel across Africa, landing at Anzio in Italy, and fighting to Berlin. Dad went from private to staff sergeant as his leaders were killed. The toll was unimaginable.

Twenty-nine thousand ‘losers’ died in N. Africa; 4,400 ‘suckers’ – that’s what Trump called those who were lost in Vietnam – died at Anzio. The ‘loser and suckers’ included half of Dad’s battalion. When they left Italy, 291,557 American ‘losers and suckers’ had died. Dad made it through, but he suffered the rest of his life.

Shameful! A rich boy who avoided the Vietnam draft because of bone spurs dishonors those who died for our country! They have earned our greatest honor.

Votes are a reflection of personal integrity. I will vote for Joe Biden.

Rick Bechen

Village of Oregon