I will be voting for Jenna Jacobsen for our Village President and I highly recommend that all residents vote for her.

She has great leadership qualities, and is a great listener, and welcomes input from everyone. She understands the importance of all governmental units in our area working together to solve mutual problems and issues.

She is also very interested in strong and well planned development while protecting the environment. She is interested in improving Oregon's long standing drainage issues by working with the adjoining units of government for area wide solutions.

Her strong business background will result in better financial and more affordable decisions regarding all services and municipal programs and our upcoming Village Library and other community supported building projects.

We will have many tough decisions in the future and I look forward to having a motivated bright professional like Jenna in charge to represent all the residents of this community.

Excellent leadership with good decisions will be needed during these difficult times. Vote Jenna to make sure it is provided.

John Norwell