I can’t imagine what else could occur over the next 21 weeks which might get in the way of our ability to vote in August’s Partisan Primary (Aug. 11) or November’s General and Presidential Election (Nov. 3).

It’s possible, maybe even likely, the COVID-19 pandemic will make voting in these two important elections as dangerous as it did in the April Spring Election. What kind of political roadblocks may pop up which could discourage or frighten folks from venturing to the polls to exercise their right to vote?

Luckily, Wisconsin voters still have the right to vote by mail. Now’s the time to take advantage of the myvote.wi.gov website:

— Register to vote

— Locate your polling place

— See what’s on the ballot

— Update your name and address

— Request an absentee ballot

— Check photo ID requirements

Some folks may not have access to an online device but perhaps a family member can help out. The Oregon Library has computers available for your use. Absentee Ballots require an adult to witness your signature/ballot. Your spouse, an adult child or a neighbor can witness for you and you for them. Any witness does NOT need to look at your voting choices.

The important message here is to prepare a plan to vote. Whether you need transportation, a witness or other help, now is the time to make your plan. Your country, state, community and family need you.

Peter Hollister

Town of Rutland