The Town of Oregon board is considering a proposal by a group of ATV/UTV (all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles) enthusiasts to open all roads in our township to ATV/UTV travel.

Many of us are opposed. A news release issued this month by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources highlights one of many reasons to keep these vehicles off our roads and restrict their use to off-road trails where they belong: they are not safe.

According to our DNR, so far this year there have already been 12 fatal ATV and UTV accidents in the state, compared with 6 fatal accidents at this time last year. ln 2020, 38 ATV/UTV deaths were reported in the state, with 25 of them occurring on roads.

Even the manufacturers of ATV/UTV specify in their owners manuals that these off-road vehicles are not designed or intended for use on roads. The Town of Oregon should not open our roads to these souped-up go-carts.

Tim Yanacheck

Town of Oregon