I was very disappointed to read about the village commissioners’ enthusiasm for further expanding the footprint of the new library building rather than adjusting village parking codes.

I sincerely doubt many Oregonians would choose a wide plain of concrete and asphalt as their favorite place in the village, yet the commission would choose to pave even more of the village rather than make an exception for what is shaping up to be a vibrant addition to Oregon’s vital core.

How often will all 80 of the currently planned spaces be filled? Once a year? Less? Is it really worthwhile to spend more money turning valuable village land into unproductive pavement when the current design could be accommodated with the stroke of a pen?

The future of Oregon is dense, productive spaces, not sparse islands of value separated by deserts of empty parking. Reduce parking minimums or even better, eliminate them entirely! If not village wide, then at least for the library.

Andrew Swanson