An artist who lives a stone’s throw from Oregon is ready to paint the village – err, paint rocks, rather.

Verona area hobby artist Sheila Jones Young has been painting rocks and giving them to her sister and Oregon resident Michelle Jones Larson, who has placed them around the Oregon community. Larson started a Facebook group for residents to share when and where they found the rocks.

“I’m the artsy one, she’s the paperwork and administrator type person,” Young said. “I just think it’s a really fun thing to do.”

The “Oregon Rocks!” initiative started this spring when Larson bought a bunch of rocks for Young. In addition, Young found a big bag of smooth rocks from her mother that were collected from the dry river beds of Arizona, so she started to paint the rocks as ladybugs and bumblebees and hide them in her neighbors’ yards in Verona.

When Larson moved to a home in Oregon with a big garden, Young would sneak over and try to hide them in her sister’s garden at 6 a.m. – that turned into Young giving all the rocks she paints to her sister to hide around Oregon.

The rocks include designs like rainbows, hearts, cherry blossoms and the word ‘love.’ Young said she’s painted around 30 so far for circulation around Oregon.

One of Young’s favorite designs is turning a rock into an egg – with a chicken peering out from a crack in the egg.

As Jones distributes the works of rock art, she adds a piece of paper that instructs the finders to join the Facebook group, add a photo of the rock and then hide it somewhere else.

Other Oregon residents have begun to paint rocks, hide them and then share their discoveries through the Oregon Rocks group on Facebook and posts on Nextdoor.

“I love to see all the people painting rocks, it’s nice to see it get bigger,” Young said.

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