Little Free Pantry in Oregon

For information about the Little Free Pantry on Jefferson Street, visit:

After months of preparation following a suggestion for a Little Free Pantry on the Open Oregon Community Facebook page, Oregon kicked off its first Little Free Pantry around July 4.

The Little Free Pantry is located at 339 Jefferson St.

Similar to Little Free Libraries, the pantry is stocked and managed by the community. The pantry provides a more casual and approachable option for those in need and can be visited anytime for donations or receiving items.

Oregon, WI Little Free Pantry host Elise Cruz said, “Our small team of ‘pantry stewards’ takes daily pictures of the pantry and uploads them to the Oregon, WI Little Free Pantry Facebook page to let people know what is in the pantry that day.”

Donated items have so far included canned goods, dry foods such as cereal, face masks, personal care items, toilet paper, and coloring sheets for children.

According to Cruz, the Oregon Area Food Pantry is aware of this supplement and plan to help spread the word.

“The Little Free Pantry is in no way meant to replace the Oregon Area Food Pantry, which is much larger and can meet more comprehensive family needs with perishable items like meat, dairy, and produce,” Cruz said.

There are not any additional pantries planned at this time for Oregon. Cruz said the community would welcome more pantries in the future.

For information about the Little Free Pantry, visit:

Community members seeking to volunteer are encouraged to email or visit the Oregon, WI Little Free Pantry Facebook page: