What is happening to our country?

Please, leaders – mayors, governors, representatives, Senators – show your leadership skills. We must come together to work against the coronavirus by listening to the scientific experts, and we must all do what we can to work together to slow the growth and spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, we are now talking about the economy and money. We must be concerned about the economy, but by focusing on the virus and stopping the spread, we will be helping the economy.

We must come together and make time for respectable dialogue. We have been divided on so many issues, and this division causes anger, chaos and distraction.

The powers that be create this chaos to keep us divided and confused in order to take opportunity of disasters for change that will not be that of a democracy.

Using the coronavirus to shut down voting places is an example of that control, particularly in high poverty areas of our country, which happen to be in predominately Black populations.

Another is racism, which divides people, because of a lack of education and understanding. We are witnessing the Black Lives Matter movement attempt to shed light on this.

With the centuries-old use of slaves (cheap labor; what capitalists like), many people are spending time reevaluating the history of countries in light of slavery and predatory capitalism. Predatory capitalism now creates wealthy individuals, whereas historically it built empires.

This form of capitalism continues to serve up poor service at high prices to support executive pay packets and Wall Street portfolios, It cares not for the working American. Competition at a grand scale (empire building) has a cost at a grand scale (war, poverty, people’s lives).

Money is needed as an exchange of goods and or service. But how we gain money is important, and how we treat people is important. People’s lives and the planet that we live on are at stake.

So leaders, we must do something to get people to come together instead of sowing the seeds of division. The situation is complicated, but we must strive to work together because we haven’t seen anything yet if social unrest continues.

Our leaders must do what is right and for all the people, not just those with money. Otherwise, employment, homelessness, lack of access to medical care and despair are going to erupt even more, and our democracy will be at risk.

We must come together because we are missing the bigger picture. As a little reminder, things are happening in the natural world that have never happened before.

There have been large-scale fires, not only in the United States but the Amazon, Australia and Russia. There have also been abnormal temperatures in the Arctic.

In June of 2020 the Serbian Arctic recorded 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This has never happened in all recorded history.

As the permafrost melts in the Arctic around the globe, it is releasing up to 600 million tons of net carbon into the atmosphere per year. It is also desalinating the oceans and raising the water levels.

What can we do? Just accept what is going on? Get angry? Point fingers? Argue on Facebook?

One thing we can do is vote responsibly to get leaders that understand the big picture and do not cater to the controlling predatory capitalists or egocentric, greedy, hateful people that care not about you or I or our beautiful planet.

Yes, the economy is bad and getting back to business is important – but for now keep the schools closed, help the unemployed, have logical mandates to lower the risk and control the coronavirus. Then we can come together and get the wheels of business rolling again with positive changes.

We must fight against predatory capitalism.

We must accept human diversity as diversity; there is only one race with vast variations.

We must wear masks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

We must put our pettiness away and be kinder.

We must stop being selfish and embrace social responsibility.

And we must accept that science is real.

All the religious people who say God will take care of me, God is taking care of you by creating people that understand biology, chemistry, physics, physiology, mathematics, etc. Scientists can understand the world of God that gives you hope and cures. Scientific understanding is part of the magnificence of God’s world.

Climate change is real; we have seen many disasters, but we haven’t seen what is coming if we don’t figure this out respectfully.

We must kick the coronavirus out of existence and kick out those egocentric politicians out of office by being responsible to ourselves and others. The time for change is now, because everything is connected.

Gwen Maitzen is a Town of

Oregon resident.