For one Oregon massage therapist, the relief provided by massage therapy was a “miracle.”

That led Jeanne Snow to open Miracles in Massage two decades ago. The 1015 N. Main St. business celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

When she was in massage school, Snow had to seek out massage for relief herself after experiencing pain in her lower back and legs for almost two weeks. She said she felt 90% better after a one-hour therapeutic massage treatment session.

“To me it was a miracle – I got relief from getting a massage treatment,” she said. “There’s miracles and a lot of relief to be found in massage. There’s so much about massage that helps people that they aren’t even aware of.”

That prompted Snow to start Miracles in Massage right out of massage school, opening only a few months after graduating at age 26, having all of the equipment she needed from her time in school.

While she didn’t have a business background, she did everything herself from designing the logo to coming up with the name.

Since then, the business has continued to grow – and move – having occupied several locations over its two decades in Oregon. But Snow said its location on Main Street is its “fifth and final.” She’s been at that location for around six and a half years, and says it’s her most visible location.

The space has four treatment rooms, and its design has evolved over the years.

“I created the rooms and did all the painting,” Snow said.” “It’s fun to decorate and move things around. It’s my home away from home.”

Apart from Snow, Miracles in Massage has another therapist who is an independent contractor, as well as an esthetician offering facials, waxing and professional makeup application. The business also offers foot scrub treatments and prenatal massage.

Snow said she finds a mutual benefit through massage work.

“Physically when I’m not working on my clients, I find that I have tension,” she said. “But when I work on my clients, it also benefits me – I’m stretching while I’m working. The type of work that I do – I receive the full mind body experience – me and my clients are working together.”

The Miracles in Massage 20th anniversary isn’t as happy of a time as it could be, as it has coincided with the spread of COVID-19, leading to the biggest dip in business Snow experienced over her two decades.

At the beginning of the pandemic, she initially shut down for about a week and a half before reopening, working every other day instead of normal hours.

Snow went from a personal average of 21 massages a week down to six, as she was trying to limit the amount of people in the building. She said that the decline in business has been even greater than the 2008 recession.

While things have yet to get back to normal, Snow feels her business is secure and said she’s typically come back stronger from different ups and downs in the economy.

“The first thing to go in recessions is the thing people consider luxuries,” she said.

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