We’ve lived in Fitchburg for 23 years and have attended numerous Council meetings in the last three years.

Don’t let outside influences with their own agendas decide what’s best for Fitchburg and ignore the legitimate concerns of residents. Developers should not be allowed to build what they want wherever they want.

If a project is good and in the right place, it should get Council approval. If not, it should not be able be bought in this election through candidates who are supported by outside organizations who have vast funds for substantial amounts of advertising.

We need Scott Lehmann who will listen to and vigorously represent the constituents in District 4. We urge Fitchburg residents to vote for Scott Lehmann, as well as Dave Herbst (District 1), Dan Bahr (District 2) and Shannon Strassman (District 3), for City Council.

Gary and Josie Pedone

City of Fitchburg