I’d like to encourage my fellow Fitchburg citizens to support Julia Arata-Fratta in her re-election campaign for District 2 of the City Council.

Fitchburg has a complex set of challenges coming up, including the annexation of the Town of Madison, tight budgets during and following the pandemic, and ensuring the equitable and fair allocation of resources throughout all of Fitchburg. Julia’s knowledge of the budget structure, city processes, and strategic plans, will be an invaluable resource in navigating those challenges during the next two years.

Julia has led the project to develop a new inclusive playground in McKee Farms Park, just the third in the county, an area that will be accessible to children of all abilities. This includes covering 50% of the cost using private donations, and creating an organization to fundraise for future maintenance and upkeep costs, reducing the city’s tax contribution down the line as well.

In addition, the annexation of the Town of Madison is going to be an extremely complex challenge to navigate, as we face issues related to staffing, budgets, and the inevitable unforeseen problems that may arise, and we need someone with the depth and breadth of knowledge of the city, its policies, procedures, and rules.

This experience is clearly recognized in the community, as shown by the endorsements she has received from the current state representatives and senators for most of Fitchburg. A progressive community needs to support progressive candidates both nationally and locally, and support for core city services and community development projects is not a zero-sum game.

We have a responsibility to ensure that whether you are renting an apartment, own a home or condo, or manage rural farmland that all Fitchburg residents have access to community resources and development, and not just those that have the time, money, or ability to speak at local government meetings.

Julia has proven to be an advocate for her constituents, and will ensure that we continue to create a vibrant city that can be loved and enjoyed by all of its residents.

Micah LaDousa