My name is Julia Arata-Fratta and I am your city council representative for District 2, Seat 3. On April 7, I encourage you to vote for Gabriella Gerhardt for District 2, Seat 4.

I got to know Gabriella last year when I was knocking on doors for my own campaign and she offered to help right away. She is a committed young woman with an interesting background and she cares deeply for our city.

I strongly endorse Gabriella as a candidate because we share similar values and a vision for the type of city we want to live in. We believe there are concrete ways to make Fitchburg a more vibrant community. Gabriella believes that our strength lies in our diversity and we must make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

She is passionate about climate change; community engagement; affordable housing; and promoting responsible, equitable, and inclusive economic growth.

Fitchburg is a diverse and growing community. More than ever, we need experienced, responsible, and caring leaders who can speak up for every resident. Gabriella is a leader with a vision and she represents the future of our city.

Join me in supporting Gabriella on April 7. Vote for her to serve the residents of District 2 and help create an even better Fitchburg for everyone.

Julia Arata-Fratta

Fitchburg Alder District 2, Seat 3