In reading through the Fitchburg Star, received yesterday, as usual I learned of many things going on in and around Fitchburg. I always look forward to learning more about what’s happening in my hometown.

That said, I also became aware that The Star has a tremendously important role to play in voter education. The stark reality is that many residents, even well read and informed residents, might not have the basic information they need when it comes to casting their ballot. And, like it or not, many may choose not to vote at all if they don’t know where to vote. Some even believe that their vote “doesn’t matter.”

This is where The Star can be a star. For the next two months why not feature lots of stories about how to look up voter information, where the polling locations are by area, where City Hall is if I want to vote early, what information one needs to provide, hours of polling locations, etc.

You get the idea. You have a wonderful opportunity to be a leader in voter education and engagement.

I look forward to seeing what important information The Star can offer us voters!

Mary Power

City of Fitchburg