It has been my very great pleasure to serve alongside and to run against a hard-working public servant, Julia Arata-Fratta. Let me explain;

Julia and I were both first elected to the Fitchburg City Council in 2015. In 2016, we both ran for state assembly, to represent Fitchburg and other residents of District 47 (Julia was a very close second).

From then on, we worked together closely on many important projects, through the Community and Economic Development Authority, on Fitchburg’s annual budget and capital improvement plan, in our various roles on subcommittees like Finance, Personnel, and Public Safety, and very proudly, on the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative (now underway and growing).

While I stepped away after two terms, Julia has continued on, and in 2020, was elected president of the council. A well-deserved honor for such a talented and experienced collaborator.

Residents of District 2, you are especially fortunate to have a woman of high integrity, a native Spanish-speaker, with a graduate degree (and day job) in finance, and with leadership experience both within and outside the city as your representative to the council. She is a gem indeed.

Re-elect Julia Arata-Fratta on April 6.

H. Tony Hartmann

Former Fitchburg City Alder