I am Frances Huntley-Cooper. I have spent most of my adult life in Fitchburg, raised my children here, and served as the City’s first African American alder and the first and only African American mayor in Fitchburg and the entire state.

I proudly support my alder, Dorothy Krause, and District 2 Alder, Julia Arata-Fratta, for re-election.

I’ve known Dorothy since before she was elected. She has always shown passion for issues of housing, transportation, and youth, and follows topics of interest across the spectrum of district residents.

Dorothy attends meetings and events related to the city, county, or community. She is consistently informed of opportunities and alerts residents. She follows politics at all levels and speaks for the best interest of Fitchburg.

Dorothy is aware of budget implications but also sees the value in investing in prevention rather than intervention. She is aware of human and civil rights, criminal justice issues, and the challenges of successful re-entry for adults into society and young people avoiding the youth justice system.

Dorothy has been one of the most active Alders to ever represent this district. She does far more than what the position calls for, not just showing up at election time but making herself accessible at all times.

Dorothy shows patience and gives respect to those with different viewpoints. She believes in listening, learning, sharing and education and being intentionally present.

I have known Julia for a few years through her work in Fitchburg and on nonprofit boards. She has a background that contributes to the diversity of thought on Council as they deliberate on important issues.

She is committed to and cares for our community. We share values and vision on the type of a city we want to live in and how to make Fitchburg a more dynamic place.

Julia responds to constituents and advocates on behalf of their concerns and issues as she promotes healthy neighborhoods in Fitchburg. She is devoted to addressing housing affordability, sustainability, and responsible, equitable, and inclusive economic growth.

As council president she has shown that she has the leadership skills and experience needed to move Fitchburg forward to become a more vibrant community.

Fitchburg is a diverse and growing community. More than ever, we need experienced, responsible, and compassionate leaders with a strong voice for every resident.

Please re-elect Dorothy and Julia for Common Council

Frances Huntley-Cooper