I’m a Fitchburg resident who has really enjoyed going to the Fitchburg Farmers’ Market over the years. I appreciate being able to get fresh produce from local farmers during the growing season.

I realize a lot of routines upon which we’ve relied have been disrupted, and may be disrupted for some time. Who knows if we’ll even have a farmers’ market this year.

When I began to realize that we would have to hunker down for a while, I contacted one of the Fitchburg farmers market vendors in order to join his farm’s CSA. I knew that regardless of what happens during the growing season I would be guaranteed a share of the produce from the farm.

So without waiting to see what’s left in the grocery store I’d have a share of fresh and local food for 20 weeks. I bought a share for my family and another share for loved ones across town.

If you are a farmers market lover like me, are growing weary of wondering what will be left on your supermarket shelves, or would like to support local farmers, a CSA would be a great option. CSA’s are a bargain and they assure that local farmers can stay in business.

Wendy Nelson

City of Fitchburg