My husband and I are grandparents of four children who all live in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Our oldest granddaughter is a 2019 graduate of Madison West High School. Our grandson is now a West High junior.

In reading through the Fitchburg Star, received yesterday, as usual I learned of many things going on in and around Fitchburg. I always look forward to learning more about what’s happening in my hometown.

We continue to live in a critical time filled with both danger and opportunity. Ironically, just as the pandemic is separating us, the ruthless murder of George Floyd is galvanizing a broader civic unity. Right now, it matters more than ever who we elect. We must choose candidates who have d…

My name is Julia Arata-Fratta and I am your city council representative for District 2, Seat 3. On April 7, I encourage you to vote for Gabriella Gerhardt for District 2, Seat 4.

We are writing to encourage fellow residents of District 3 to elect Dave Carlson as our representative on Fitchburg Common Council.

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