While currently closed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus illness, the Fitchburg library typically offers daily events for youth of all ages.

Some recent events before Governor Evers' safer at home order closed the library included a zen garden making workshop for teens ages 13-17 led by librarian Holly Gray on Thursday, Jan. 9, “Explorastory” for children ages 1-3 led by librarian Lynn Behrend on Wednesday, Feb. 5 and a “Book Boogie” for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5 led by librarian Kelly Witt on Friday, Feb. 7.

The zen garden workshop provided teens with sand, shells, miniature rakes and dishes to create a meditative garden for their bedrooms.

At Exploratory, kids and caretakers were engaged by a variety of sensory and creative activities including crafts, costumes, bubbles, rubber ducks and a floor piano.

The Book Boogie got children moving and shaking to a variety of songs and stories. For one song, everyone was given an egg shaker to rattle. Another song instructed the kids to move around making silly dances until the song shouted “freeze,” stopping the youth still in their tracks.

Neal Patten, community reporter, can be contacted at neal.patten@wcinet.com.