Halloween 2019

Hudson Curless, dressed as a shark, and Hadley Curless trick-or-treat on Halloween night.

With Halloween coming up, the City of Fitchburg recommends that all participants follow the safety procedures that Public Health of Madison and Dane County have suggested.

The plan is for trick-or-treating to take place from 5-7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31.

Deputy Chief Matthew Laha said the police department will carry out the holiday procedures as usual by adding more patrols to monitor the city and keep everyone safe.

To help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, Laha urges participants to follow the guidelines available on the city’s website.

“Wear a mask even if you’re outside,” he said. “Try and maintain six feet from one another and everything can run smoothly.”

Some tips on the city’s website include to only trick-or-treat with people you know, try to only trick-or-treat in your own neighborhood to avoid spreading COVID-19, wear a mask, remain six feet apart from other groups and bring hand sanitizer.

Tips for handing out candy per the city’s website include setting your candy bowl outside to ensure trick-or-treaters remain a safe distance apart, wash hands often if handing out candy, wear gloves if handing out candy and try to put a barrier in front of you and the trick or treaters.

Other tips to follow include trick-or-treaters letting the candy sit for a day or two before eating any of it.

“The biggest thing is with COVID is it usually takes a day or two for it to die off on surfaces,’’ he said. “So if you’re a parent, you may want to set-aside a couple of pieces of candy so they can enjoy some that night.”

Laha also insisted on avoiding Halloween parties this year in order to avoid the numbers of COVID cases to increase.

“This can be done safely, it just has to be done right,” Laha said.

For more information about safety and procedures, visit halloween2020.org or fitchburgwi.gov/civicalerts.aspx?aid=1630