Kate Aman-Lavicky became a member of the Verona Soccer Club when she was 10. Soon after, she started playing futsal, a fast-paced, 5-on-5 indoor soccer game on a smaller scale.

And now futsal is taking her to places she never thought she’d be.

Aman-Lavicky, 14, returned to the United States this month after an eight-day trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she played three matches with the 2004 U.S. Youth National Futsal Team. The date 2004 refers to the players’ birth years.

She recorded two goals and three assists to help her team win all three matches. The 2004 U.S. squad routed San Lorenzo 11-0 on July 28 to start the international tournament, then beat Argentina’s 2004 national team 5-3 on July 30, and finished up with a 10-1 rout of Ferro Carrell Oeste on July 31.

“We brought six U.S. teams, so it was fun when the others would watch your games,” Aman-Lavicky said. “The atmosphere was amazing. People went crazy when someone scored.”

Aman-Lavicky and her teammates also visited local futsal and soccer clubs on days they did not play.

“Going into it, I didn’t know any of my teammates, but I made some amazing new friends,” Aman-Lavicky said. “Playing where the Argentine national team trains and plays was really cool, too.”

More than 5,000 girls and boys tried out for 12 spots in six age groups, but Aman-Lavicky beat the odds and was selected to the Aman-Lavicky selected to the 2004 U.S. Youth National team.

Every state has its own tryouts for the national futsal teams, but due to low numbers in Wisconsin, Aman-Lavicky went straight to Kansas City for the national tryout on June 30.

“I was definitely not expecting to be selected,” she said. “I didn’t even hear about it until a month before my tryout.”

Verona roots

Aman-Lavicky started playing club soccer in Verona and joined FC Wisconsin for two years before returning to Verona this year. She plays on the U16 team for coach Marisa Kresge, a former University of Wisconsin-Madison standout and current assistant coach for the Badgers.

Aman-Lavicky, who recently moved from Fitchburg to Madison, is an incoming freshman at Madison West High School. She will not be able to continue her futsal career with the Regents but is thankful to her two club teams for giving her the opportunity to play.

“A lot of club soccer teams play it in the winter since we can’t play outside,” Aman-Lavicky said. “It’s an alternative to indoor soccer. Both Verona and FC Wisconsin do it.”

Focused on the future

Aman-Lavicky played the pivot position for the national team, which is similar to that of a forward in soccer.

She plans on being a three-sport athlete at Madison West: cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring. However, she’s not planning on being done with Verona Soccer Club.

Aman-Lavicky is planning on going to club soccer practices after cross country practices during the week and will also could also practice and play in tournaments with Verona on the weekends in the fall.

She’s hoping to put her futsal experience to good use with the Regents and Verona Soccer Club.

“You have to be technically solid with your foot skills,” Aman-Lavicky said. “It’s a fast surface and a really fast-paced game. You have to be thinking and moving quickly, and that helps in any sport.”

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