With attendance boundary shifts taking place at the start of the 2020 school year, Verona Area School District administrators are recommending the district close open enrollment for students in grades K-5 for the upcoming school year.

Last year, the school board approved letting the district offer a spot to around just under a dozen each of kindergartners and first graders who live outside of the district, but this year, administrators want to let the elementary schools adjust before adding in more students.

The idea is to keep the ratio of staff to elementary school students similar in 2020-21 to what it is right now, district director of student services Emmett Durtschi said.

“We’ve just got to see how things settle out with boundary changes,” district business manager Chris Murphy added. “It’s pretty unknown right now.”

The district could still allow for older students in the middle schools for the next academic year, Murphy said, something the district hasn’t been able to do in recent years because schools were close to their capacity. For each grade at both Savanna Oaks and Badger Ridge middle schools, there would be five open enrollment spots, or a total of 30 new students. Ninth grade would allow for 10 students to enroll, with six for sophomores, four for juniors and two for seniors.

That’s still higher than the 33 open enrollment spots the district allowed last year.

The school board is scheduled to vote on the number of open enrollment spots the district will have at its Jan. 27 meeting.

That number changes from year to year. In the last five years, the largest number of new open enrollment students the district was approved to bring in from outside its boundaries was 104 in 2017. The lowest was 30 in 2014.

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