New rules for visitors to Verona Area School District’s school grounds will set restrictions during student conflicts and clarify the district’s handling of sex offenders and family legal conflicts.

The school board approved the new rules and the district policy unanimously and without discussion on Monday night. The updated language for the rule and policy defines what guidelines parents must follow, and rights are given to a school site, in the case of an escalated student conflict, as well as what steps a registered sex offender must take in order to access school grounds based on their relation to the school, and it also defines the district’s neutrality in family legal conflicts.

In May 2019, the high school had three fights escalate out of personal conflicts between students in one day, prompting many parents to come to campus, causing additional security concerns.

During a student conflict, adults who are attempting to access a student site who are not the parent or caregiver of an enrolled student can be prohibited from entering a building and parents of students will have limited access and can be asked to move or take specified routes to a destination.

The updated language asserts that school staff have the right to limit where a parent is located on the school grounds, what students they can talk to while on the premises and how long they can be there. An adult who does not follow the rules can be removed.

A separate section of the updated rule sets a policy for registered sex offenders. Any registered sex offender who wishes to visit will need to inform school administration each time they plan to come to campus, and each site has the right to refuse entrance. The rule makes an exception for parents, who need to inform administration about their criminal status once at the beginning of the year, and enrolled students.

The update also addresses family legal conflicts, stating the district intends to be neutral and won’t deny a parent the right to see their child at the school unless administration is provided with court documents that limit a parent’s ability, regardless of how other family members feel.

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