At the new Verona Area High School, open campus lunch will be a privilege reserved for upperclassmen.

The board unanimously approved a limited-open campus starting next year that would keep freshman and sophomore students, as well as those at any level who have disciplinary restrictions, to stay on campus for lunch.

VAHS principal Pam Hammen and district school security coordinator Corey Saffold had brought the plan to the board earlier this month.

The policy was proposed as the school moves to a new building on the city’s far west side in the fall of 2020, moving the site farther away from popular fast food locations and making it more difficult for students to return to campus on time. The move was also security related, as school administration look to restrict the door students can exit and enter through for lunch, reducing the number of adults who could gain access to the building by mixing in with the flow of student traffic.

The limited-open campus lunch is also expected to remedy issues with fights, especially those who do not attend VAHS and come to fight with the district’s students during lunch.

Hammen told the board earlier this month the district’s food service provider will be expanding the food selection available at the high school to give students on campus more variety in food choices.

VAHS administration will be bringing forth a policy in the coming months regarding students ordering take-out to the new high school.

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