When the pools at the new Verona Area High School open in 2020, it will add to the Verona Area School District’s growing list of facilities that can be rented by the public and community groups.

The system to manage those facilities, which already include gymnasiums at schools, the high school performing arts center and the Natatorium, is already overloaded, superintendent Dean Gorrell told a school board committee Nov. 9.

That was among the findings of a still-to-be-finalized “gap analysis” done by the Wisconsin Association of School Boards on the district’s administrative makeup. Gorrell and other administration staff recommended a new position to coordinate public facility reservations that would be “self-funded” through use fees.

The two board members at the Personnel and Policy Committee meeting Friday indicated their support for the proposal.

“There’s a lot going on in this area,” said Meredith Stier Christensen. “If you’re not trying to reserve space, you may not even know. And if you are, you’re trying to reserve space a couple years from now.”

Gorrell explained that longtime employees like Mark Kryka and Angie Lucas are “the reason it works right now,” but once those people leave the district, there’s not a succession plan. That was “the impetus for the entire review in the first place,” school board president Noah Roberts said.

“As we grow in the district, we will have staff … that will be moving on or retiring,” Roberts said.

Gorrell added the sooner they can create the position and hire for it, the better, as they will need to consider policies.

“There’s a lot of onramp work to be done,” Gorrell said.

He and district director of human resources Jason Olson stressed the position would not take away from any funding used for the instruction of students.

“This is potentially a pie-increaser,” Olson said. “It’s not necessarily at the expense of something else.”

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