New Century School and Core Knowledge Charter School will call Verona Area School District home for the next five years.

Both of the schools had their contracts with the district renewed until 2025 at the school board meeting Monday night, Dec. 16, after a brief discussion among board members over the contract specifications.

The board unanimously approved contracts for both CKCS, a K-8 school, and NCS, a K-5 school, with no changes to the language of either contract.

The board didn’t take issue with the content of the contracts at its previous meeting, Dec. 9, where representatives from each school gave presentations on both of the schools and initiatives central to its educational philosophies.

New Century was one of the first charters in the state, opening two years after state legislation authored them, in 1995, and Core Knowledge opened a year later. Each has markedly different teaching styles, but both are public, with enrollment that is capped by the district.

Both charters, along with the district’s third elementary charter, Verona Area International School, are parent-run and share facilities and classes with neighborhood schools. Each must renew its charter every five years.

Some previous charter renewals have been more complicated.

NCS changed its charter in each of the previous two processes, converting to an environmentally focused curriculum in 2009, then beginning a transition to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in 2014.

When VAIS renewed its contract in late 2016, it did so amid concerns it might not be able to sustain its enrollment because of its particular structure, in which kids learn Chinese in a dual-immersion setting.

And when the charter high school, the Exploration Academy, took a three-year renewal, it did so with the expectation that it would eventually be shut down and its programming would be absorbed into the high school’s options.

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