Seven New Century School students crowded around teacher Heidi Konop as she sprayed water on a coffee filter.

They watched closely as the colors a student had drawn on her filter began to spread around the filter, creating an unexpected design, before going back to their tables and creating their own pieces of art.

The activity was the first of the “Art and Science” after-school program at NCS, one of four classes that began Monday, April 1, and will run weekly through May 20. In rooms around the school, students spent time on homework, folded paper into baskets in origami lessons and began reading lines for plays in drama club.

The classes, with 45 students enrolled this year, run from 2:35-4 p.m. each Monday, with much of the cost covered by a grant from Epic. Parents enrolling their students do have to pay a fee to help offset some of the operating costs, and parent volunteers help make the classes workable for the teachers.