Two credit unions and a west-side shopping center are all up for public hearings Monday at the city’s Plan Commission meeting.

The commission and Common Council reviewed each of them in recent months, with no significant negative comments.

West End’s Market 5 proposal is an adjustment from a previously approved plan to build retail buildings and apartments next to the developer’s existing apartment complexes off West Verona Avenue, north of the future new high school site. The new plan includes no apartments.

The Summit Credit Union plan would take over the former West Verona Avenue home of Michael’s Frozen Custard, which later was briefly occupied by Treads Bar and Grill.

The UW Credit Union would take over the former Dairy Queen, which closed earlier this year after five years in business on Hometown Circle, on the city’s east side.

None of the developments has gone through significant changes since their initial plans were introduced. The biggest changes to any of the plans since their previous review are in the Market 5 proposal, which adjusts sidewalks, bike parking and traffic flow.

Monday’s vote on Market 5 will be a recommendation to the council on its general development plan, which is the second and most important step in the three-step planned-unit development process. A PUD allows for a variety of exemptions from standard zoning in exchange for a more rigorous review.

Once a GDP is approved, the council is obligated to approve the third step, the precise implementation plan, as long as it accords with the GDP and meets visual standards.

The hearings for the credit unions are both for conditional use permits, because each has a drive-thru. The commission has the right to approve the site plan for each, because they otherwise fit in existing zoning.

They would be the first new financial institutions in Verona since Park Bank opened in 2006. Three other banks have changed names or ownerships, but all replaced existing ones.

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