Two candidates have registered to run for two seats up for re-election on the Town of Verona Board of Supervisors.

Incumbent Doug Maxwell was the only person to turn in candidacy papers for his Supervisor 4 seat, and newcomer Phyllis Wiederhoeft registered to run for the Supervisor 3 seat being vacated by Manfred Enburg. Enburg will not be running for re-election after spending two decades as a supervisor.

Wiederhoeft registered after the Press’ deadline for publication last week.

The spring election, which will also serve as the primary election for the November presidential election, will take place Tuesday, April 7. The two-year supervisor terms will start Tuesday, April 21.

Both Maxwell and Wiederhoeft are concerned about maintaining the town’s expenses, as well as ensuring responsible growth, they both told the Press.

Wiederhoeft, who retired in June after 17 years as the executive director of Christian fundraising organization ALDE, said she decided to run at the encouragement of the neighborhood association for her Sunset Drive and Beach Road subdivision. Wiedenhoeft said watching her neighbors get “energized” when they feel like they have a voice is something she values, and that she wanted to bring that to the Town Board.

Residents on Sunset Drive have been active over the past decade or more in response to two development proposals in that area, one for the Brown farm, which has not advanced, and another for Deer Haven Estates, which earned town approval for 16 lots in 2018.

Wiederhoeft said she’s also concerned about natural resources and the condition of the town’s roads. There are a lot of bikers in the area near where she lives, Wiederhoeft said, and she is worried about the condition of the roads for those cyclists and drivers.

“Before the election, I plan on driving a lot more of the town’s roads to see how other areas are affected,” she said.

Maxwell, who is also the chair of the Town’s plan commission, told the Press Monday he decided to run again after town administrator/planner Amanda Arnold announced she was leaving the town for a job as a senior land use planner for civil engineering firm JSD Professional Services. With the turnover in the town planner role, Maxwell added, he wanted to ensure someone with experience was going to be around to implement the town’s comprehensive plan and work on its subdivision ordinance.

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