A Town of Verona crew checks out erosion damage on Shady Oak Lane in August 2019.

An emerging pattern of increased precipitation – including a damaging storm in August 2018 – is prompting the Town of Verona to look into preventative flooding measures.

The town is considering revising its subdivision ordinance, and it’s also planning to work with the City of Fitchburg on a study of Goose Lake, which has repeatedly overflowed and resulted in the closure of Fitchrona Road underneath U.S. Hwy. 18-151.

Part of that revised ordinance would include redefining how the Town of Verona manages its stormwater with new developments. As a part of the process, the next Plan Commission meeting will feature a presentation on stormwater management.

The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13, at the Town Hall, 7669 County Hwy. PB. It is open to the public and will be led by Jason Valerius of MSA Professional Services.

On Tuesday, Feb. 4, the Town Board was scheduled to review and possibly vote on a contract agreement with the City of Fitchburg to conduct a study of Goose Lake.

During the August 2018 event, which dumped around a foot of rain on the Dane County area, flooding was significant in the greater Verona area, particularly in the towns of Verona and Montrose.

The Town of Verona had several roads that were closed, particularly that crossed waterways; such as Hwy. 69 on the south side; County Hwy. G, Sugar River and White Crossing roads on the west and Fitchrona Road on the east. It also required three separate water rescues in flash floods on the town’s northwest side.

In the city, it flooded numerous basements near Neff Park. And further south, parts of Paoli were submerged as waters rose to meet the level where a bridge was being constructed.

Hwy. G was still closed from high water a week later, and homes and a business on Riverside Road experienced the most extensive damage.

Many municipalities around the county are dealing with similar water issues, as the Yahara Chain of Lakes has seen record 100-year levels of flooding, more than once since 2018.

The City of Fitchburg has major issues on its southern border, as well. It’s working with the Village of Oregon and the Town of Oregon to solve the ballooning of a glacial kettle called Lake Barney.

Reporting by Jim Ferolie and Amber Levenhagen contributed to this story.