To help support students and teachers during COVID-19, state treasurer Sarah Godlewski announced $5.25 million in additional aid for public school libraries.

The funds will be used to address distance learning needs from the Common School Fund in a Friday, April 17 news release.

Librarians can use the funds to purchase eBooks, high-quality online resources to support inquiry and research and devices to increase access to digital learning, the news release states. The special distribution of $5.25 million from the fund will not impact expected annual distributions in the future.

“Wisconsin kids deserve the ability to learn despite the barriers created by COVID-19,” Godlewski said in the release. “As a product of public schools myself, I’m proud we are able to step up and make this special distribution to support distance learning needs.”

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), the agency that manages the Common School Fund, planned to distribute a record-setting $38.2 million in school library aid in January.

Given the unprecedented nature of the public health emergency, however the BCPL approved an additional distribution of $5.25 million at their most recent board meeting, according to the release.

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