While much of Verona’s residential growth in the next several years is likely to be on the north side, Veridian Homes has proposed a 253-unit subdivision on the south side.

The yet-unnamed plan for the Gust property east of Range Trail and south of County Hwy. M would be directly across from Cathedral Point, another Veridian subdivision that is quickly filling. It features several concepts that differentiate itself from Cathedral Point, including an area with alleys serving 20 twin homes and 15 small-lot single-family homes, a 5-acre wooded area preserving existing trees and kettle ponds and two direct access points to the nearby Ice Age Trail.

It also features three apartment buildings next to M for a total of 100 units.

The submission from Vandewalle and Associates compares many of its design elements to Smith’s Crossing in Sun Prairie and touts “a wide range of housing formats and price points,” which several alders have plainly stated is a desire for future housing developments.

The concept requires a departure from traditional zoning, so it has an extended process, requiring at least three separate trips each to the Plan Commission and Common Council. That starts Monday, May 6, with an informal concept review at the commission, which meets at 6:30 p.m.