City of Verona dog ordinance

Two dogs watch as their owner gets ready for the workout at CrossFit Adept in June 2018. A new ordinance in the City of Verona would allow dog owners to license three at a time, bringing the city in line with its own practices

A new ordinance governing how many dogs a resident can license is bringing the city in line with its own practices.

The ordinance regulating how many dogs Verona residents can license was increased to three because the city was already routinely licensing more than the maximum, city clerk Ellen Clark told the Press.

The prior ordinance limited residents to two.

“What were we going to do? Tell them to go home and put their dogs down or send them to a shelter?” Clark asked.

The change in ordinance approved by the Common Council on Oct. 14 means the law will match what is happening in reality, she said. Clark added residents will not be allowed to license four dogs – if they choose to have more than three, they’ll need to obtain a kennel license.

The change brings Verona’s rules in line with those in nearby communities, such as the cities of Sun Prairie and Fitchburg, where residents may also own up to three dogs before obtaining a kennel license.

Clark said the change will make it easier for police to enforce the ordinance. With the previous discrepancy between policy and practice, they were “caught between a rock and a hard place.”

“This just cleans things up,” Clark said.

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