Town of Verona electors approved the town’s request to increase the levy limit for the 2020 budget on a vote of 18-17.

Annual meetings allow any eligible voter who has lived in the town for at least 10 days to vote on topics brought up there, including the town’s tax levy.

The approved addition to the levy limit of 2.5% allows town officials to add $28,000 to the $1.6 million budget, which is being stretched tight by increasing regional costs the town has little control over, town planner/administrator Amanda Arnold told the Press earlier this month.

Those expenses include Fitch-Rona EMS services, of which the cost is set by a three-municipality district, including the cities of Verona and Fitchburg, and senior center costs, which are calculated based off of the number of potential residents that could be served by the Sugar River Senior Center in Belleville.

Normally municipalities are not allowed to go over the levy limit, but because the town has fewer than 3,000 residents, the town is legally allowed to exceed it with the approval of electors at its annual meeting.

Electors who voted against the measure asked the town to re-evaluate the cost of certain expenses, including a future bridge replacement, or to find areas where they could cut the budget to stay within the levy limit.

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