A downtown cold treats and breakfast food restaurant has the go-ahead to move into what used to be a liquor store.

Icki Sticki, which opened in Mount Horeb in January, plans a second store in Verona this year, at 103 S. Main St., in the same building as Goochi Poochi, Ginkgo Tree and Toot and Kate’s Wine Bar. Its owners plan to serve Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, shaved ice, coffee, bakery items and Belgian waffles.

Two alders voted against the proposal Monday, with both saying they appreciated the business but had strong reservations about the location. The 13-year-old building is next to a gas station and near the Main Street-Verona Avenue intersection, and both Kate Cronin (Dist. 3) and Christine Posey (D-1) said the layout could compromise the safety of young children who are sure to patronize the business.

Yet Cronin said it’s “exactly the kind of business I’d like to see coming downtown.”

Planning director Adam Sayre told the council it’s difficult to make a case for denying the permit over such concerns. The week before, the Plan Commission reviewed the site plan, which addresses traffic and parking, among other things, though being an existing building narrowed the scope of the commission’s review, as well.

“From our standpoint, the use works there,” Sayre said. “There are limited things we can change about a building and how it is designed and how it is built.”

Ald. Sarah Gaskell (D-2) said this issue is an opportunity to review how the intersection operates.

Ald. Evan Touchett (D-4) was more worried about how the perceived safety issues would affect the business. He called the Orange Leaf Yogurt and Dairy Queen closures elsewhere in the past two years “embarrassing,” and said putting the business in that spot is risky.