Interviews for the City of Verona’s fire chief should begin this month.

The application period closes Sept. 8, and the city’s Police and Fire Commission agreed Aug. 29 to pursue a September interview window, PFC president Delora Newton wrote in an email to the Press. Commission members are comparing their schedules to identify feasible interview times.

Chief Joe Giver is set to retire on Sept. 27. He announced that plan in July in an agreement with the city.

Newton told the Press the PFC is aiming to get a chief hired before Giver’s official retirement date.

“If the process moves quickly and our selected candidate is available before then, we may seek a start date sooner than that,” she wrote.

The commission also removed a commercial driver’s license requirement from the fire chief job description to make it consistent with the advertising of the position, Newton wrote. A CDL is not required to drive a firetruck, according to state law, and is now listed as a preference on the job description.

Giver became Verona’s first full-time chief in 2011. With Jan. 2 as his official last day, he will be using accrued leave to finish the remainder of his time with the department after Sept. 27.

Before Giver announced his retirement, the commission advertised an opening for the position of deputy chief of operations. On Aug. 29, the PFC interviewed nine candidates for the role, including an internal applicant.

Giver will determine who will be interviewed and final candidates will receive a background check, Newton wrote.

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