While it’s been planned for months and won’t be needed for a couple more years, the city annexed 32 acres of land into its southeast side Monday, mostly for the new public works facility.

The land, formerly used as a recycling facility by Purple Cow Organics, will be split into three pieces, with 20 acres going to public works to host a garage, offices, indoor cold storage and outdoor materials dropoff.

The other two parcels are going to Veridian Homes to add on to its adjacent Cathedral Point subdivision.

The agreement was delayed two weeks from the normal Plan Commission-related items to work out minor changes in legal language, planning director Adam Sayre told the council.

The annexation provides for the statutory five years of payments to the Town of Verona for what the property taxes would have been. Ald. Evan Touchett (Dist. 4) asked Sayre why the city couldn’t simply buy the property first, then annex it, which would reduce those payments to zero, as it would be tax-exempt.

Sayre explained the city has the power to do so, but that had been a specific point discussed during the creation of the city-town boundary agreement in 2016. Playing it straight is “in the spirit of that agreement,” he explained.

“We could do it, but it would ruffle some feathers in the town,” he said.