The average City of Verona resident’s taxes will go up about $150 this year, mostly because of a mistake.

Based on approved spending, the tax bill on an average home would have been a $13 increase. But because of a clerical error by the city assessor, a failure to catch that error by all taxing jurisdictions and the refusal of the state to correct the error, Verona homeowners will pay an artificially inflated amount this year and will have artificially lowered taxes next year.

Even so, the overall increase is far less than last year’s $250, which was mostly owed to Verona Area School District voters’ approval of a $182 million referendum to build a high school.

This year, with the mistake included, VASD taxes are up $157 from last year. City of Verona taxpayers will pay an extra $43 to the city, $3 to Dane County and $7 to Madison College. Mitigating those numbers somewhat is a much higher Lottery Credit of $217, which does not change based on the home value. That’s more than $65 more than last year.

State property taxes were abolished for the 2017 tax year.

The city released the calculation of tax bills Monday, Nov. 27, two weeks after Dane County finalized its budget.

Tax bills are expected to be mailed in the next couple of weeks. They are required to be mailed by Dec. 19 by state law.

The school’s nominal tax rate stayed flat this year, but city taxpayers would have felt an increase regardless because those rates are equalized across all jurisdictions compared to market value and home values went up 5 to 7 percent in all jurisdictions this year.

Dane County dropped its tax rate overall after increasing its operating budget by less than 1 percent, but its mill rate rose slightly for Verona – 1 cent per $1,000. Last year, the county had increased its overall tax rate, which translated to a 5.4 percent increase in the City of Verona, or nearly $50.

The city’s rate went up 2.7 percent this year in a tighter-than-usual budget year because of the error but would have otherwise increased by .7 percent. Compared with the school district and county’s use of equalized values, that’s a drop of about 4 percent.

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2018 property taxes

Jurisdiction 2017 2018 Inc.$ Inc.%
City of Verona $5.77 $5.93 $.16 2.7
Dane County $3.49 $3.50 $.01 .03
MATC $1.05 $1.07 $.03 2.6
VASD $12.42 $13.00 $.58 4.7
Net taxes $22.73 $23.50 $.77 3.4
Average value $272,000 $272,000
Lottery credit $151.96 $217.09
First Dollar credit $89.39 $89.64
Trash pickup $170 $176