The 71 initial candidates for the vacant city administrator position have been narrowed to six.

City of Verona human resources coordinator Mitchell Weckerly on Monday and Tuesday compiled the scores produced last week by an ad hoc scoring committee of four alders, the mayor and Weckerly produced a list of six names.

He told the Press he was aiming for five but there was a tie.

As of Tuesday, those names were not yet publicly available, as each needed to be contacted to ensure they were comfortable moving ahead as finalists.

The final group is expected to interview with the committee and any other alders interested on April 29 and May 3, and a second round of interviews will bring them back between May 16 and 23 for additional interviews also involving select department heads.

Unlike the previous four times the city recruited an administrator, using a consultant, Weckerly is handling the entire process in-house.

Each of the six members of the committee was sent home with the applications to grade them on job skills and experience. Weckerly said the ratings were based on “clear training and experience factors” and therefore the scores generated generated a consensus. He used a collection of the group’s ratings to generate scores.