I believe that the Verona Public Library should receive an award for their amazing and outstanding work with our school, Savanna Oaks Middle School. Without them, we would not have been able to complete an important project in the sixth grade. They have allowed our classroom teachers to hold and check out 900+ books so we could be successful and satisfied with our resources and turn in an astonishing project.

As I said before, the Verona Public Library has dedicated their time and priorities to helping us check out books and making sure we have had the best tools to make our projects the best they can be. They have come in and out of classrooms, talking to many students and helping us find yet another way to find a book that fits our topics just right. They introduced us to an app, Libby, which allows you to check out books digitally and find the books you need without having to stop by the library to check it out yourself. This app has helped our sixth grade learners work our way up to make sure that we have all the information we need to successfully submit a stunning project. Thank you, VPL!


Ruman Hassan

SOMS sixth grade student

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