We don’t know what his motivation is, but it is clear that President Donald Trump is a willing asset of Putin and Russia. There is ample evidence of a conspiracy between them and the result is the most serious threat to our democracy and its defining principles.

Trump, who has a well known history of being a New York mobster, is a clear and present danger to our constitution and the principle “that no one is above the law.”

The facts have been provided by his own actions and statements which are transparent and blatant. His responsibility and pride for shutting down the government to get his phony and unexplainable “wall” is dangerous and destructive.

Robert Mueller’s investigation must conclude soon which will prove Trump’s criminality and that he is unfit to be President.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives should immediately begin an impeachment investigation. The only wall we need is a prison wall around Trump.

If we fail to take these measures we will make a mockery of the often repeated statement, “that no one is above the law.”

Action is overdue.

Bob Menamin

City of Verona