To anyone watching the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, it is clear that we have a New York mob boss posing as President.

On Jan. 22, we watched a stellar presentation by House prosecutor Adam Schiff and his more-than-able associates give a clear and concise description of Trump’s “corrupt scheme” of abusing his presidential power followed by a clear obstruction of a Congressional investigation. This followed GOP Senators continued blockage of calling essential witnesses and allowing documents that would seal Trump’s fate.

Trump is a criminal oligarch who attacks the basic foundations of democracy with constant lies (thousands clearly documented by media sources) on a daily basis. His flagrant criminal behavior has been normalized because we have accepted his daily boorish rants and treasonous behavior.

This scenario has been falsely depicted as a fight between Democrats & Republicans. The acceptance of “crazy” and government by tweet from a deranged Trump is a clear sign that many in our country have abandoned responsibilities essential to maintenance of a healthy democracy.

As Ben Franklin said, “we have a republic if we can keep it.” It is time that responsible citizens demand that a bipartisan Senate do the obvious and impeach the “fu—ing moron” so aptly described by former GOP Sec. of State Rex Tillerson.

If any Senator votes not to impeach, we should run vigorous campaigns to ensure they are never re-elected.

Bob Menamin

City of Verona