Early Saturday morning, around 1:20 a.m., I was awoken by a strange buzzing noise and opened my eyes just in time to see all the lights go out in my bedroom and on the street. Thanks to a fully charged cell phone and the wonders of the Internet, I would soon learn power was out in the Cross Country Heights neighborhood and several surrounding areas.

Considering the temperature was well below zero, this could have been a disaster.

Instead, crews from Alliant Energy were on the scene quickly and had power restored within a little more than an hour. This despite the freezing cold and the outage happening at the worst possible time.

Most people I talked to the next morning slept through the entire thing and would not have known the power had gone down if they had not needed to reset their clocks the next day.

So on behalf of myself, my family and likely a great many neighbors, I would like to recognize and thank all involved for responding so rapidly and restoring power to my neighborhood. We’ll never know how many feet you kept from touching cold floors or how many pipes you prevented from freezing with your quick work, which is a very good thing.

Karl Curtis

City of Verona