On Page 11 of the Jan. 2, 2020, edition, it says that the New Century School building originally housed the Gordon School. Of course, the Gordon School was the rural school at the corner of Mid Town Road and Hwy. M that was torn down for the road expansion. It had nothing to do with the New Century building.

The New Century building was originally the Verona State Graded School that served kindergarten through eighth grade students in the Village of Verona, a small rural area to the north, and a rural area to the southeast of the village. This was when the Verona State Graded School and the various rural schools in the area were all independent school districts that were unified in the early 1960’s to become the current Verona Area School District (originally named Verona Area Public Schools).

The original portion of the current Sugar Creek building was built for grades 3-8 because the original building on Verona Avenue could no longer handle the students for the growing village. It was a detached building originally.

The “graded school” later became Verona Elementary School, later renamed Sugar Creek.

Ken Behnke

Former school board member

Editor's note: The Press thanks Mr. Behnke for catching this egregious editing error.