The school of Savanna Oaks has been working on a large project, which we call our Integrated Project. I am a student of Savanna Oaks, who is working on this project.

For this project we are in need of many different research resources, including books. We have also needed books for one of our many important units in our Language Arts class. In the sixth grade class, we have many kids, which means we were in need of around 900 books!

How do you get that many books, you ask? With the help of the amazing people at the Verona Public Library! Today I would like to give the amazing staff at the Verona Public Library some recognition.

The staff at the Verona Public Library did not just let our teacher check out 900 books, they also let all the students get library cards and let them check out books of their own, along with the current nine hundred. That’s a lot of books!

The public library staff were also kind enough to let our teachers have special library cards, and therefore the ability to check out all those books! Think of all ways that decision could have backfired, for example, imagine the amount of books that could be lost or damaged. Or, for another example, the amount of library card forms the staff had to sign and manage.

That is a lot of work for just one group of people, and the staff did it anyway. The students and staff at Savanna Oaks are extremely appreciative to the library staff for helping us with our project and learning.

Evalyn Gannaway

SOMS student