I am a 6th grader at Savanna Oaks Middle School. Over the past month or so, in my Language Arts class, we have been doing a reading and writing unit. This includes the reading of non-fiction chapter books.

The Verona Public Library has supported my classroom in countless ways, including the privilege for my teacher to borrow and put on hold over 900 non-fiction chapter books! The unit would not be possible without the VPL, and has impacted my learning a lot.

Not only did I learn that non-fiction chapter books are not always boring, but they also include hidden meanings and interesting facts and statistics that I for sure didn’t know.

Outside the normal classroom learning, I am in my LA teacher’s advisory, or homeroom. That’s thirty minutes at the beginning of the day to get settled and ready for school. My teacher, Mrs. Butler, gave the kids in her advisory a task to sort the many books she borrowed onto carts. We were a little confused at first, but we got the hang of it soon, and I made new friends and learned problem solving and organizing skills.

The VPL also helped us by getting my entire class library cards to check out books on an online library called Libby. This allowed our class the option of borrowing books for our big Human Impact Integrated Unit, featuring Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science.

In conclusion, the VPL did many things for us, and made a true impact on the class.

Elizabeth Farritor

SOMS student