John Wright, clerk/treasurer of the Town of Verona, has worked tirelessly to provide us with our right to a fair and open election.

I am a poll worker at his voting location. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, John has kept his poll-workers updated and well informed, never asking any of us unwilling to serve.

Week to week, he let us know how procedures were changing, how he was keeping up with those changes, and how those changes affected us. Leading up to election day, he processed nearly half of our town citizen’s absentee/early votes. He ingeniously set up the entire voting space at the Town hall to provide every worker and voter a safer voting environment.

John embodies the ideal of the public servant, doing all he can and thinking outside the box to keep us all safe and the government running smoothly and fairly.

Thank you, John.

Mona Cassis

Town of Verona