You are cordially invited to help make the 2020 Easter weekend an egg-stra special one for our kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and even the grown up kids in our community.

Let’s fill the windows along our streets with eggs which the kids can “collect” by walking our sidewalks or driving/riding along our streets. The bigger the better! The more colorful the eggs, the better!

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Make an egg-shaped pattern out of cardboard or anything firm enough to be traced.

2. Trace the pattern on to pretty much any kind of paper-construction, wrapping, copy, etc.-which can be taped to your windows.

3. Then let your imagination run wild! Make ‘em colorful! Make ‘em bright! Maybe make them even more visible by outlining them with a black marker, Sharpie, crayon or paint.

4. Use anything you have in your home already to cut various shapes and sizes to glue to the paper as a collage. Cut pieces from junk mail, old greeting cards, magazines, etc. Even labels from cans in your cupboards. (Just remember to label the content of the can when you remove the label-unless you really love surprises!) Coloring the shape with crayons, markers, or paint is another great and faster option.

5. Add things to make your eggs a little 3-D: balloons, paper mache, beads, stickers, glitter-all those little things which end up in your “junk drawer’.’ Search your home. The possibilities are endless!

If there are young people in your home, get them involved in making eggs too. Need an incentive? If they are going out on the weekend to counts eggs, they get to count any egg they worked on twice!

These are extremely challenging times for all of us, but we still need to have some fun. Let’s do it!

Marlene Buechel

City of Verona

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