The technology of 5G is being implemented in our nation and world. Soon we will be offered this in Verona. What does this mean?

According to the cheery commercials we see, 5G technology will make our lives better by making our computers and smart phones faster when it comes to downloading data and video. Sounds great. What the commercials don’t tell us is that 5G has the potential to eliminate any privacy one may have or want.

More importantly, 5G involves potential health risks for any living entity. Not just humans, everything. Many published studies show that the intense electromagnetic fields generated by 5G, harms insects, plants, animals and humans. This technology requires antennas to be placed in millions of sites close to our homes, schools and hospitals.

Some countries in Europe have stopped 5G from being implemented due to potential health and safety concerns. Studies have shown that the intense electrical fields can disrupt our cellular immunity, our reproductive system and increase the risks of cancer.

As a pharmacist and a human being, all of this is of great concern to me. What kinda world are we leaving future generations if this proves to be life killing?

This gets us to the question of why 5G is being pushed so aggressively. The reason is to collect more data. It’s as simple as that.

These days, data is power and wealth. The richest people in the world are rich because they have harnessed data to make them rich. And they want more. We cannot let 5G destroy life so others can get even more wealthy.

Do the research yourself and make sure 5G is what you want your children exposed to. In my opinion, until studies show life safety, 5G technology is not worth the risk.

Tim Melin

City of Verona

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